We are Midwest Sledders

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We are Midwest sledders. We are not a business, We are a group of friends that enjoy snowmobiling. We use this online forum as a place to discuss topics that relate to our sport along with some that do not. We use this as an easy way for all of us to communicate.


We welcome everyone to join in our forum as long as you are respectful to others, treat each person as a friend and most importantly are not a Jerk! If the "Jerk" comment describes you, then we ask you to not even open the forum tab.


You may notice that we have a sponsor section on our website. These sponsors do not pay for advertising. They have cool products that we have used and we would like to share their products with fellow sledders.


We are 100% free to join and 100% secure, you should have no fears about joining our forum and must be a registered member to view the forum. Signing up is simple and takes less than a minute. Follow the rules, be respectful and considerate and enjoy your time on our forum.


See you on the trails!