How did Midwest Sledders get started?

Written by Mark Murphy. Posted in News

How did we get started?

 Midwest sledders started as a group of sledders from all across the Midwest. We had all met on previous rides, wether it was during a lunch stop or we were staying in the same motel/hotel. We decided to stay in touch and try to share information about trials/snow conditions and also plan rides together. 

 One evening, after a day on the trails, there were several of us enjoying a few adult beverages while partaking in the hotels hot tub amenities. We discussed how it might be easier to start a website that would help us save time and make it easier to plan and organize rides. As you can imagine, a few drinks later and several names being thrown around, we decided that Midwest Sledders would be a fitting name for our group. I had some time off of work and had started doing some research on easy to use forums and with some help from a co-worker found a Great format and a very helpful Server host!

 We have planned several rides since we have been together, which we have made videos and can be viewed on our Youtube channel. We have had one Awesome trip to the mountains which included something for everyone, including the short track riders! Since we started the forum, we have upgraded to a newer easier to use format, the unfortunate part of the upgrade was that we would be starting over with new posts but this newer forum is Awesome and we are enjoying all of the aspects that are presented to us.

 So, That's it, That's how we started. Everyone is welcome to join us, share information or ask any questions. We are not here to make money, sell your information, sell you any products or memberships. we are only here to share our passion for snowmobiling with friends who enjoy the same. If you wish to join in a conversation or start your own, please feel free to do so or if you just wish to browse the forum, you are welcome to do the same. You could almost consider us as your "on-line" snowmobile club. 

We are Midwest Sledders and we welcome you to our forum!