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Windschant logoToday we are wanting you to learn more about Windschant kennels. If you Love to travel and are sometimes held back because you have no one to watch your pet, We have just the place for you! Windschant kennels is a state of the art facility, certified through the American boarding kennel association who offers boarding and daycare for your dogs and cats in a friendly, clean environment. Brent and patty Brent and Patty live on the 21 acre premises and treat your family pet as if it was their very own, Your best friend will feel like he is on a vacation of his own and may not want to come home when you stop by to pick him up! If you are near or passing through North East Illinois on your way to find snow, stop by and ensure that your pet will be taken care of, just as if he was at home. you will be able to enjoy your time away without worrying about how your pet is being cared for!  We highly recommend Windschant kennels for your pets. be sure to check out their website by clicking one of the pictures above, give them a call and tell them "Thank You" for being a part of




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I would like to start writing small articles about our site sponsors. This could give our members more information about the products or services they offer. This will be beneficial to everyone involved. both members, who may be wondering what each sponsor offers for their sled and to the sponsors who are trying to get their product into sledders hands. We all know that we love our sleds and love to get those mods on them. Then other sledders ask us about the products and we get to show off our prize possessions. make sure to tell our sponsors "Thanks for supporting Midwest Sledders"!


We are going to start out with SledStart sled start

The SledStart snowmobile 2 way remote start system allows you to remotely start your sled safely, securely and quickly with the push of a single button! The SledStart remote starter system continuously monitors battery and informs user if the battery is too weak to start! This is a really cool accesory for your fuel injected sled! You should see the look on peoples faces when you grab your controller and start your sled without even putting a key in the sled or have it running before you walk out the door so your hot grips are warm when you get to it. It always makes me smile when I see that happen!

SledStart also has designed HID headlights for snowmobiles.

HID Bulbs increase peripheral visibility up to 70% more than halogen bulbs and provide up to 3x more illuminated coverage than the stock halogen lighting that comes with your snowmobile. SlesStart HID Kits are easy to install, even for the most novice of mechanics. Kit is fully plug and play! SledStart HID kits are full Bi-Xenon meaning you will NOT lose your high beam function.

SledStart is always working to improve their product line and they are currently working on a system that will enable a 2 stroke snowmobile without a battery to be able to run these lights. Once you ride with someone that has these lights on their sled you will be making a call to SledStart to order your own set!

You can check them out at, click on the picture above or send a private message to Snowdog on our forums. be sure to check out his area in the Sponsors section of MidwestSledders forums for a special MWS offer only available on!

We will talk about another sponsor in our next article!

Thanks for checking out our site! we hope you enjoy your time here!

Think Snow!

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The Joomla Core Team and Working Group members are volunteer developers, designers, administrators and managers who have worked together to take Joomla! to new heights in its relatively short life. Joomla! has some wonderfully talented people taking Open Source concepts to the forefront of industry standards. Joomla! 1.5 is a major leap forward and represents the most exciting Joomla! release in the history of the project.